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Story: Stan and the Dragon Materials
Focus: Confronting Power Participants
Sculpt:   An image of “powerless and an image of “powerful” and place them in relationship.
Write:  Words or phrases that might help you move from feeling powerless to powerful.
Share:  Images, words and ideas about moving from powerless to powerful. Talk about the relationship of the two sculptures. After sharing words, feel free to change the relationship of the two sculptures.
Reflect:  On ideas evoked by images and words.
Tell:   Stan and the Dragon.
Paint: An image of Stan and the dragon meeting at some time after the story ends.
List:  Some questions Stan might ask the dragon and questions the dragon might ask Stan.
Create: A short dialogue that is fueled by questions each has for the other.
Share: Dialogues.
Reflect: On issues raised by each character.
Remember:  A time when you felt powerless.
Briefly:  Write a brief description of the situation.
Remember: A time when you felt powerful.
Briefly:  Write a brief description of the situation.
Share: Highlights of each situation and what made the difference between feeling powerless and powerful.
Reflect: On what makes us feel powerless and what makes each of us feel powerful. Are there ways in which we can change feelings of being powerless into feelings of being powerful? If so, what are they? Are there extenuating conditions?
Sculpt: An image of a character who feels powerless.
Create:  A story in which the character proves to be powerful.
Share: Stories.
Reflect:  On story, session, and ideas about feeling powerful and powerless.

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Excerpted from Dancing With Wonder: Self-Discovery Through Stories

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