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Story: Stan and the Dragon Materials
Focus: Overcoming Great Odds Participants
Paint:  An image of “great odds” on the left side of the paper.
Write: Words that come to mind.
Paint: An image of “resourcefulness” on the right side of the paper.
Write: Words that come to mind.
Share: Images and words.
Reflect: On ideas as to what might help you to overcome great odds.
Tell: Stan and the Dragon.
Sculpt: An image of the feelings of the shepherd and the dragon before Stan arrives.
Write: A brief dialogue of an encounter between the shepherd and the dragon.
Share: Dialogues.
Reflect: On the strategies the shepherd and Stan use to deal with the dragon.
Sculpt: An image of “overcoming great odds.”
Think:  Of a time when you overcame great odds. What enabled you to meet the challenge? What allies, if any did you have? What resources came into play? How did this affect you?  Does it still have impact?
Write: The story of how you overcame great odds creating a fictional character to tell your story. Feel free to “elaborate” or “exaggerate.”
Share: Stories.
Reflect:  On story, on strategies used to overcome great odds, the differences between what “really” happened and what you created, and what it might take to overcome great odds.

Facing Fear   Reframing a Challenge   Confronting Power

Excerpted from Dancing With Wonder: Self-Discovery Through Stories

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