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Story: Stan and the Dragon Materials
Focus: Reframing a Challenge Participants
Tell: Stan and the Dragon.
Sculpt: An image of Stan at a critical moment in his life, in relationship to a person, place or thing.
Create: An episode that Stan might remember that helps him in his dealings with the dragon.
Share: Sculptures and episodes.
Reflect:  On the impact prior experience can have on our present lives and choices.
Consider: That the dragon and his mother are having a fight. She wants him to do what he thinks is impossible. Think about what’s at stake for each of them.
Write: A letter from the dragon to Stan. He tells Stan what his mother wants him to do and asks Stan for his advice.
Collect: And select letters. It doesn’t matter if you get your own.
Write: A letter to the dragon, as Stan responding to the dragon’s plea for help.
Share:   Letters and return to original writer.
Reflect: On letters and issues raised in the writing.
Think: About something someone asked you to do in the past that you could not, would not or did not do.
Reframe:   The way you dealt with the situation so that you are able to succeed on your terms.
Share: Reframing.
Reflect: On what it took for you to transform failure into success.
Retell: The story using humor.
Share: Highlights of your retelling.
Reflect: On story, session, and what it means to reframe a challenge.

Facing Fear    Overcoming Great Odds   Confronting Power

Excerpted from Dancing With Wonder: Self-Discovery Through Stories

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