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Publications (Books, Essays and Stories, Plays)

Nancy King

  PUBLICATIONS (Books, Essays and Stories, Plays, Interviews)  
    2020 Breaking the Silence, a memoir. Terra Nova Books, Santa Fe, NM, 305 pages.  
    2016 Opening Gates, a novel. Plain View Press, Austin, TX, 249 pages.  
    2015 with Alida Gersie, Portuguese edition of Storymaking in Education and Therapy. Antroposofica: Brazil, 340 pages.  
    2014 Changing Spaces, a novel. Plain View Press, Austin, TX, 259 pages.  
    2009 The Stones Speak, a novel. Tessora Books, Minneapolis, MN, 263 pages.  
    2009 Morning Light, a novel. Tessora Books, Minneapolis, MN, 329 pages.  
    2009 A Woman Walking, a novel. Tessora Books, Minneapolis, MN, 2009 Tasora Books, Minneapolis, MN, 205 pages.  
    2009 The Stones Speak, a novel. Atelier Books, Santa Fe, NM, 263 pages.  
    2008 Morning Light, a novel. Atelier Books, Santa Fe, NM, 329 pages.  
    2008 A Woman Walking, a novel. Atelier Books, Santa Fe, NM, 205 pages.  
    2005 Dancing With Wonder: Self-Discovery through Stories. Champion Press: WI, 330 pages.  
    1999 Playing Their Part: Language and Learning. Korean translation.  
    1999 Storymaking in Education and Therapy. Polish translation.  
    1996 Storymaking in Education and Therapy. Dutch translation.  
    1996 Storymaking and Drama. Dutch translation.  
    1995 Playing Their Part: Language and Learning. Heinemann: NH, 281 pages.  
    1993 Storymaking and Drama. Heinemann: NH, 262 pages.  
    1990 with Alida Gersie, Storymaking in Education and Therapy. Institute of Education Press: Stockholm,and Jessica Kingsley Press: London, 413 pages.  
    1984 Theatre Movement: The Actor and His Space. Japanese translation.  
    1981 A Movement Approach to Acting. Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs: NJ, 240 pages.  
    1975 Giving Form to Feeling. Drama Book Specialists: New York, NY, 5th printing, 316 pages.  
    1971 Theatre Movement:The Actor and his Space. Drama Book Specialists: New York, 8th printing, 175 pages.  
    Essays and Stories  
    2020 "Skiing My Way. Living My Way." February, 2020.
    2019 "When Water Comes, Books Go" May, 2019.
    2018 "Better than Machu Picchu" June, 2018.
    2017 "Miracle on a Mountain" October, 2017.
    2017 "Wings, Not Weights" Published in 80 Things to Do When You Turn 80. Sellers Publishing, Inc.  
    2016 "What Happened After My Vision Quest" November, 2016.
    2016 "Preparing for a Vision Quest" YourLifeisATrip,.com. June, 2016.
    2016 First Place, Alfilio, Pasatiempo Writing contest Adult Prose  
    2014 "My Book, Your Life" November, 2014.
    2014 "Explosion on the Mountain" YourLifeisATrip,.com. August, 2014.
    2014 "Confessions of a Traveling Author" April, 2014.
    2014 "Take a Trip - Get a Life" February 2014.
    2013 "What Happened in the Wilderness." July, 2013.
    2013 "The Trip I Didn't Take." April, 2013.
    2013 "Border Crossing." January, 2013.
    2012 "Breaking Through." August, 2012.
    2012 "Dancing with Martha Graham." July, 2012.
    2011 "Leaving Cancer in Paris." December, 2011.  
    2011 "BikerBabe: Celebrating Three-Quarters of a Century." August, 2011. three-quarters-of-a-century.html  
    2011 "Airport Therapy: Overcoming Shyness in Buenos Aires." January, 2011.  
    2010 "A Hiking Tale." October, 2010.  
    2010 "Mother Goddess and Me." June, 2010.
    2010 "My Main Man Meows." March, 2010.
    2009 "Cancer Diagnosis: No Chirps, Please." December, 2009.
    2009 "Confessions of a Claustrophobic Flyer." October, 2009.
    2009 "Bugs, Banks, and Guns." July, 2009.
    2009 "Not Exactly a Hallmark Card, Mother." June, 2009.
    2009 "My Shrink, the Bike." May, 2009.
    2009 "The Nonfiction Novelist. April 2009.  
    2007 "Developing Imagination, Creativity, and Literacy through Collaborative storymaking: A Way of Knowing," in the Harvard Educational Review, volume 77, number 2, Summer 2007  
    2006 "Growing Stories: Toward a Stories Based Curriculum," (revised) in The Storytelling Classroom Ed. Sherry Norfolk, Jane Stenson, Diane Williams, Libraries Unlimited, Westport, Connecticut · London  
    2005 "A Way of Knowing--A Way of Telling," in DramaForum. Ed. by Anita Grunbaum, Stockholm, Sweden.  
    2004 “Growing Stories: Towards a Story-Based Curriculum,” in Studies in English: Theoretical and Applied Linguistics. Ed. By József Andor, József Horváth & Marianne Nikolov., Pécs, Hungary.  
    2002 “Entering a Novel Through the Eyes of a Doll: Creative Responses to an African Text,”, January 2002. Retrieved from  
    2001 “The Stories Project: Storypartners in the Classroom,” with Jacy Ippolito, The New Advocate, Volume, 14, Number 1, Winter 2001.  
    2001 “The Pitfalls and Pleasures of Mindful Teaching,” The Journal of the Colorado Language Arts Society, Special Double Issue, Successful Teaching Activities, Volume 37, No.1, Fall 2000.  
    1999 “The Pitfalls and Pleasures of Mindful Teaching,” an online publication of the Center for Teaching Effectiveness, Fall 1999, Vol. 53.  
    1997 "Stories, Imagemaking, Storymaking and Drama: Innovative Techniques to Develop Oral and Written Language when Teaching EFL," with Marianne Nikolov in Learning Lessons: Education and Teacher Assessment, Pécs, Hungary, pps 48-75.  
    1996 "Stories Within Stories: Exploring Oral and Written Expression," NovELTy, Journal of English Language Teaching and Cultural Studies in Hungary: Pecs, (September 1996) pps 53-61.  
    1995 "Visions and Versions," Journal of the Society for Postsecondary Pedagogy, State University of New York at New Paltz: NY.  
    1995 "Exploring a Novel: Finding a Voice," Moa Martinson Journal, Moa Martinson Society: Stockholm.  
    1993 with Sara Horowitz, "Interiors and Edges: Reconfiguring Classroom Practice," Journal On Excellence in College Teaching, Vol.4: Miami University.  
    1992 "Storymaking and Drama with Two Groups of Hungarian Children," with Marianne Nikolov, Modern English Teacher 1.2 (June, 1992): 1-8 (IATEFL Hungary Issue).  
    1990 "Myth, Metaphor, Memory: Archeology of the Self", Journal Of Humanistic Psychology, Spring 1990, pp. 55-72.  
    1981 "From Literature to Drama to Life," Children and Drama, edited by Nellie McCaslin, 2nd edition, Longman: NY, pp. 164-177.  
    1981 "Music and Dance for the Actor," The Cue, Vol. 59, No. 2, pp. 7-9, 18-21.  
    1981 "Helping Students to Shape Their Learning Experience," About Teaching, Center for Teaching Effectiveness, University of Delaware, December.  
    1980 "A Movement Approach to Drama,"Drama Contact (Journal of the Council of Drama in Education, Canada), May, pp. 16-17.  
    1978 "The Development of Critical Thinking in Movement and Drama," Drama Contact,May, pp. 39-42.  
    1977 "Report: Drama in Education," Theatre News (Journal of the American Theatre Association), Summer, pp. 28-30, 35; committee report.  
    1977 "Protecting Students from Body Abuse," Theatre News, April, p. 4.  
    Plays Written  
    2003 Lifelines (12 performances in New Mexico)  
    1993-94 Until We Notice (6 performances in Delaware and Pennsylvania)
1986 The Juniper Tree (14 performances in Delaware) Commissioned by Delaware Humanities Forum
    1982 Collision of Voices (3 performances in Delaware)  
    1981 Silent Song (14 performances in Delaware)  
    1978 The Snow Queen (8 performances in Delaware, 1 performance at the American College Theatre Festival, Maryland)  
    1977 Shaping Up (27 performances in Delaware)  
    1974 The Clowns Who Thought They Couldn't (3 performances in Delaware)  
    1970 Something About a Dragon (17 performances in Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania)  
    1969 Splurgeris Iphikkon (17 performances in Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania)  
    1968 Peter and the Wolf and The Rescue of the Duck (19 performances in Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania)  
    1966 Showdown at the Hoedown (7 performances in Delaware)  
    1965 The Child Who Couldn't Laugh (9 performances in Delaware)  
    2014 Online interview with Linda Thompson discussing Changing Places
The Authors Show
      Radio interview discussing Changing Places
Santa Fe Radio Cafe (KSFR)
    2013 Radio interview discussing Changing Places
Majority Report/Women's Voices (KZYX) 20.January.2014
    2010 Radio Interview discussing Morning Light and The Stones Speak
Write on Four Corners (KSJE 90.0 FM) 21.May.2010
      Radio Interview discussing Dancing with Wonder and A Woman Walking
Write on Four Corners (KSJE 90.0 FM) 12.May.2010
    2008 Radio interview with Mary-Charlotte
Santa Fe Radio Café (KSFR 101.1 FM) 11.Sept.2008
    2006 Radio Interview with Diego Mulligan
The Journey Home (KSFR 90.7 FM) 13.Feb.2006
    2005 Radio Interview with Arin McKenna
Art Tour Santa Fe (KTRC 1260 AM) 14.Dec.2005
    Production Work  
    2003 Lifelines, producer  
    1994 Until We Notice, director  
    1993 Until We Notice, co-director  
    1993 Pheenie Rising, director  
    1990 Inside Teaching, director of videotape  
    1989 Tales From the National Enquirer, co-director        
    1986 The Juniper Tree, producer  
    1983  Why Raven is No Longer, choreographer/dancer  
    1982 Collision of Voices, co‑director, producer  
    1981  Silent Song, director  
    1979 As You Like It, choreographer  
    1979 The Snow Queen, (Invitational Participant, American College Theatre Festival); director  
    1978 The Three Cuckholds, choreographer  
    1978 The Snow Queen, director  
    1977 Shaping Up, director  
    1975 Spreading Tales, director  
    1974 The Clowns Who Thought They Couldn't, director  
    1973 Power Play, director  
    1972 Maria Martin, choreographer  
    1971 The Acharnians, director of stage combat, movement, choreographer  
    1971 African Folktales, director  
    1970 Something About a Dragon, director  
    1969 Splurgeris Iphikkon, director  
    1968 Peter and the Wolf (parts 1 and 2), director, choreographer  
    1968 Dr. Faustus, director of movement  
    1967 Streets of New York, choreographer  
    1966 Showdown at the Hoedown, director, choreographer  
    1965 The Child Who Couldn't Laugh, director  
    Production Booklets for Teachers  
    1981 Silent Song  
    1977 Shaping Up  
    1975 Spreading Tales  
    1971 African Folktales  
    Contest Judge  
    2001 Playwriting Contest, University of Delaware  
    2001 Rainbow Playwriting Festival, Newark, DE  
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