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Reviews of Changing Spaces

Changing Spaces

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What would you do if you woke up in your usual life,
and by the end of the day, everything had changed?

That's the question Nancy King poses in her newest book, Changing Spaces, as she introduces us to Laura Feldman who suddenly loses the "life" she has lived for the past forty years. When her husband of forty years suddenly wants a divorce, shaken-to-her-core Laura Feldman embarks on a bumpy ride from her black & white Midwestern life to the bold colors of New Mexico.

In this new landscape where anything might happen–and does–Laura finds inspiration, strength, and transformation in the friendship of Santa Fe women who help her walk the winding road to self-discovery and the home of her heart.

Advance Praise for Changing Spaces

Location. Location. Location. Nancy King gets it right when she explores how a woman radically changes her life by changing her location. A plant can't thrive in any old soil; it has to be the right terrain. Changing Spaces is a reminder that one can leave the past behind, find new soil, and thrive in a different, and better, present and future.
Judith Fein, author of Life Is a Trip: The Transformative Magic of Travel

More Praise for Changing Spaces

Heartbreak turns to intrigue. A season of grief leads to a wig, a closet, a script, cookie recipes, new friendships, and a wide-open future.
Jeanne Murray Walker, author of Geography of Memory

Nancy King weaves a powerful story of one woman’s gradual journey through shock and crisis, as she recreates her life through empowering decisions while supported by a colorful cast of characters.
Dr. Jane Ely, author of Remembering the Ancestral Soul: Soul Loss and Recovery

King guides Laura with a steady hand in this engaging tale of loss and empowerment.
Kate Buckley, author of Choices

A deeply felt and powerfully experienced tale...
Gwen Davis, author of The Pretenders

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