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I facilitate workshops that explore the collaborative process of self-discovery through stories, imagemaking and storymaking. By making images with clay or fingerpaints stimulated by abstract prompts, in less than a minute, writing words that come to mind, and guided practice, everyone who participates in storymaking workshops creates and tells a story. 

I offer this to:

Teachers and school administrators—literacy, classroom management, creative expression, drama as a tool for learning and developing inner discipline, collaborative questioning and learning
Librarians—stimulate interest in reading and talking about books.
The Stories Project—literacy and expressive language developmnent for children and adults
Artists—writers block, burnout, creative expression, development of inner resources
Community workers—staff support, development of inner resources, creative expression, drama as a tool for community building and developing inner discipline, collaborative learning and questioning
Health care professionals—development of inner resources, creative expression, staff support, burnout
Hospice workers—death and dying, creative expression of feelings and thoughts of hospice workers, developing inner resources, staff support, burnout
Human Beings—people interested in discovering their inner stories

Storymaking Workshop Schedule:
All day: (5-6 hours)
Half day: (2-3 hours)
Evening session/talk
For fee schedule please email, or phone 505.986.1040

Equipment requirements:
fingerpaints (6 colors: black, brown, blue, green, yellow, red)
non-hardening clay
8 1/2 x 11 white paper (copy paper is fine)
paper towels
pens or pencils

Space requirements:
Large open space
Movable chairs and tables

Dancing with Wonder

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